To get to know us better, we suggest you visit our news providers and get a glimpse of day-to-day life in Huron County. Newspapers, magazines, and radio and television stations all work to provide residents in Huron with current news and information from around the corner to around the world. A short overview of our media and publications follows:

Newspapers and Magazines

You will find many local newspapers in the communities across Huron County. Our print newspapers focus on local community events, news, and sports, as well as stories of provincial and national concern and importance. All of these newspapers have online editions.

Huron County digital newspapers and publications specialize in online publishing. These publications focus on local news, community events, rural lifestyle, and sports.

Radio and Television

There are public and private radio and television (TV) stations in Ontario. A public station is funded by the government and as such, normally has no commercials. A private station earns money by selling advertising time (commercials).

Many different radio stations broadcast in Ontario. Radio stations usually follow a certain format, such as news, type of music (classical, jazz, country), or talk radio. There are some radio stations that broadcast over the internet.

For more information about Huron County media, check online, the phone book, or your local newspaper.

There are also many news publications, books, reference materials, literature, and resources available for loan from the Huron County Library.

Digital newspapers and publications

Television coverage

  • ETM
  • CTV London
  • Channel One is a local collaboration of HuronTel, Hay, Quadro, Mornington and TCC; features local stories, events, history, music etc.  The subscription base is currently over 10,000 households in Huron and beyond.

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