In order to adapt, settle, and integrate into Canadian society, in order to feel a sense of belonging, getting connected to your new community is essential.

In Huron County, you will find many opportunities to build and to develop networks with people in your neighbourhood. There are a variety of simple ways to get connected to your new community. Introducing yourself to your neighbour is the simplest starting point.

Below, we’ve put together a checklist of suggestions on how to integrate into Huron. We hope you find it useful. Feel free to adapt the list to your own set of circumstances. Go ahead and add your own ideas on how to get connected.

  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbour
  • Visit your local library – see what’s going on
  • Try something new, do something different
  • Volunteer for a local organization, for your child’s school, for your church
  • Find a group who shares your hobby or interests
  • Visit your local recreation centre—sign up for an activity or become a member
  • Get maps of streets, and cycling and hiking trails – get out and enjoy
  • Read your local newspaper – lots of local info
  • Check out what’s posted on community bulletin boards
  • Visit a Centre for Employment and Learning
  • Take a class–or offer to teach one
  • Join a community service group – volunteering is a great way to integrate into your new community
  • Be a good neighbour — if you see your neighbour needs assistance, offer to help
  • Join in!