Housing Options

Huron County offers a range of housing options: whether you choose rural, village or town residential in an apartment, condo, or house, you’re sure to find a place to make your home.  From lakefront cottages to suburban townhouses, from urban apartments to rural farmhouses, Huron County has it all. If you are looking for property on which to build your dream home, we have that too.

Huron County is one of the most affordable places to live in Ontario. Homes, auto insurance, and electricity – all are available at reasonable costs in Huron County. In fact, living costs in Huron County (including things like housing and recreation) are 26% lower than in the rest of Canada.

Consider, for example, that the average value of a home in Huron County is about $200,000, one-third less than the overall Canadian average. Huron County offers a broad array of rented and owned housing options. Housing prices vary from a detached dwelling costing on average $130,980 to a two-storey detached dwelling costing $158,078.

Types of housing

Choosing the right location and type of home depends on both your personality and your lifestyle, your particular needs, and your financial situation. Huron’s many communities and attractive amenities offer something for everyone; whether you seek a luxurious waterfront bungalow, a downtown apartment close to nightlife, or a quiet suburb in which to raise your growing children. Searching for a house or an apartment in Huron County is a relatively simple task with the usage of various resources.

There are many types of housing available in Huron County:

  • Single-family detached: a home containing one dwelling unit that stands alone and sits on its own lot with a back and front yard.
  • Townhouse: three or more units built side-by-side and share adjoining walls.
  • Apartment:  a self-contained, single-family unit in a building or house. Most apartments have one, two or three bedrooms; bachelor apartments have a combined living and bedroom area.
  • Condominium: purchased apartments in a common building.   Condominium owners pay their own mortgage, taxes and utilities and share the costs of external property maintenance.
  • A duplex or triplex: a house that is divided into two units is a duplex. Divided into three, it’s a triplex. Often, the owner of the house will live in one unit and rent out the others.

Renting a Home

For some newcomers, renting a home or finding temporary accommodations is the priority and preference.

Many of our apartment buildings are located near parks and sports facilities. Renters enjoy the same community amenities as homeowners. To find a rental property, check out local newspapers; they will have rental listings in their classified sections. Realtors will also be able to help in your rental property search.

Visiting community bulletin boards, asking friends and colleagues, and looking for lawn or window signs in a neighbourhood that you like are other methods you might find useful. Online sites such as Kijiji are a good resource. For short-term temporary housing, the rental resources above would be helpful. Also, local motel, hotels, inns, and bed and breakfast establishments would be excellent options.

Check out the Huron County business directory to find out more information about local providers.

If you have questions about renting a place to live, visit these resources:

Newspapers with housing ads

Tenants Insurance: tenant insurance covers your personal property for losses from theft and damages from accidents. It also pays for losses if you are legally responsible for damage to the building or someone else getting hurt.

Huron County Social Housing

The County of Huron’s Social Housing Program provides a range of administrative, support and funding services to provide affordable housing options in the County of Huron.  Available programs allow seniors to stay in their home communities, offer affordable homes to low-income families and give disabled people independence in a safe and secure environment.

Buying a Home

In Huron County, an array of brand new houses and 100-year-old homes can be found on town streets and along our rural roads. Most houses feature a large front or back yard where families enjoy time outdoors.

If you are in the market to buy a home in Huron County, take a walk or drive around neighbourhoods and communities that you may be interested in and watch for a “For Sale” sign.

A real estate agent or broker can help you look for and find a home. Banks and financial institutions can provide information about mortgages and other financial information. Insurance agencies can help you choose the appropriate insurance for your home and property.

The Huron County business directory provides a comprehensive listing of service providers to assist you in your search.

Realtor associations

  • Huron Perth Association of Realtors: The Huron Perth Association of Realtors is a not-for-profit association dedicated to providing services, education, standard use of forms, and the MLS® system to its members. Their website provides residential and commercial property listings.
  • The Canadian Real Estate Association: The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is one of Canada’s largest single-industry trade associations, representing more than 100,000 real estate Brokers/agents.
  • Business Directory: The business directory provides an extensive list of real estate brokers.
  • Invest in Huron: For a list of commercial properties for sale in Huron County, visit Invest in Huron.


If you need a mortgage to purchase your home, you should contact a local mortgage centre, bank or other financial institution.

Mortgages in Canada are usually paid over 15 to 25 years and approval for a mortgage depends on how much money you have for the deposit. For a complete list of mortgage centres and financial institutions in Huron County, search the business directory. Check out, Choosing the Right Mortgage for You.

Home insurance

Home insurance covers sudden and accidental losses, like fires and burglaries. People buy home insurance to protect themselves against such big losses.

When you buy insurance, you pay an amount of money every month or every year. You can choose to have other kinds of insurance (life, disability). Many people have insurance to protect themselves and their families from losses. There are several types of insurance policies you can purchase from many different insurance providers.

We suggest visiting the links below to begin your search:

If you have any questions about buying a home, the resources below will be useful:

Housing resources

Seniors' housing options

There are a variety of housing options for seniors in Huron County.

Retirement Homes: Retirement homes offer residential accommodation and varying levels of care and support services.   The home will provide meals, social and recreational programs, and laundry and housekeeping services.

Many retirement homes offer assisted personal care (bathing, dressing, grooming assistance), medication administration,  and 24-hour supervision.  A retirement home may not be your best choice if you have complex medical needs. These retirement homes are privately owned facilities that provide personal care and health care. Costs vary and are paid by the resident.

Retirement Residences: A retirement residence may interest you if you’re tired of maintaining your home, you’re interested in maintaining your social network, and you don’t require constant medical care. Retirement residences and retirement homes are interchangeable terms in Huron County.

Retirement residences:

Some of the above retirement residences also offer long term care services.

Long term care homes (nursing homes): Long term care homes are suited for individuals with medical needs that can’t be safely met in their own homes.  Long term care homes offer room and board and a range of services, from personal care to skilled medical and nursing care. Eligibility for long term care is provincially regulated. The County of Huron, in cooperation with the Province of Ontario, operates two not-for-profit municipal long term care homes:

Attached to these facilities, the County of Huron provides one and two bedroom apartments available for people 65 years and over.

Private long term care (nursing) homes

Check out these Senior Living Resources: