Huron County has an extensive healthcare network consisting of hospitals, medical, dental, and eye care clinics, and other assorted health professionals.


Alexandra Marine & General Hospital

The Alexandra Marine & General Hospital has been providing healthcare services to the town of Goderich and surrounding areas for over 100 years.

Website: Alexandra Marine & General Hospital

Phone: 519-524-8323

Clinton Public Hospital

The Clinton Public Hospital offers inpatient and outpatient services, along with specialty clinics for more specific needs.

Website: Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance: Clinton Public Hospital

Phone: 519-482-3440 or 1-888-275-1102

Seaforth Community Hospital

The Seaforth Community Hospital is a member of the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance that provides year-round service to the residents of Huron and Perth County.

Website: Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance: Seaforth Community Hospital

Phone: 519-527-1650 or 1-888-275-1102

South Huron Hospital Association

The South Huron Hospital Association is the primary provider of healthcare services to the residents of the Municipality of South Huron and it’s surrounding communities.

Website: SHHA

Phone: 519-235-2770

Wingham and District Hospital

The Wingham and District Hospital is a modern and progressive acute care facility that provides hospital services to Wingham and its surrounding communities.

Website: Wingham and District Hospital

Phone: 519-357-3210

Family Health Teams

Bluewater Area Family Health Team

The highly qualified Bluewater Area Family Health Team provides the residents of Zurich with the services of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses.

Website: Bluewater Area Family Health Team

Phone: 519-236-4314 or 1-855-236-43143

Clinton Family Health Team

The Clinton Family Health Team provides residents of Clinton, Bayfield, Blyth, and Goderich with primary care services.

Website: Clinton Family Health Team

Phone: 519-482-3000

Huron Community Family Health Team

The Huron Community Family Health Team (HFCHT) is a collaborative primary care team that provides a wide range of health services and programs. The HFCHT has three locations, they can be found in Seaforth, in Brussels, and in Bayfield.

Website: HFCHT

Phone: 519-600-2273 (Seaforth) or 519-565-4141 (Bayfield) or 519-600-2273 (Brussels)

Maitland Valley Health Team

The Maitland Valley Health Team focuses on family and community health in Goderich.

Website: Maitland Valley Health Team

Phone: 519-524-6060

North Huron Family Health Team

The North Huron Family Health Team is a comprehensive primary cares service for the residents of North Huron.

Website: North Huron Family Health Team

Phone: 519-357-3930

Health Unit

The Huron County Health Unit works to promote and protect health, and prevent disease illness, and injury in the residents of Huron County.

Website: Huron County Health Unit

Phone: 519-482-3416 (Clinton) or 519-357-4993 (Wingham)