Huron County residents love sports and recreation and take advantage of the excellent sports facilities in our communities. Commonly played sports are hockey, golf, soccer, and baseball, but Huron’s excellent network of sports facilities cater to many tastes and interests. Participating in local sports is easy and available for all ages, from children to seniors.

Our many recreational centres, offering swimming, indoor ice rinks, and fitness classes, provide many types of recreational opportunities for Huron residents. Participating in programs or becoming a volunteer is a great way to create a network of support and resources close to home. Visit the sites below to see what each location has to offer.

There are a variety of interest groups, organizations, and recreational opportunities for children and youth in Huron.

Whatever your child’s interests, there are many options close to home. Most programs or organizations can be found at Community Connection or listed on the business directory. As well, Goderich’s Community Organizations lists local community groups, organizations, service clubs, and sports groups.