What better way is there to learn what Huron County offers than to visit and experience the area for yourself? We invite you to see firsthand what we have to offer. Huron County hosts thousands of visitors every year; they come for a wide range of experiences:

  • historical and cultural wonders
  • culinary delights
  • outstanding accommodations
  • unique shopping
  • countless recreational pursuits

Relax in the sun on the shores of Lake Huron and visit one of our many sandy beaches. Explore the picturesque countryside and heritage streetscapes. Experience a breathtaking sunset. Visit our art galleries and museums. Enjoy live theatre. Discover why Huron County is a vacation destination of charm, culture, and beauty.

What to see:

  • Beaches: Ontario’s West Coast has beautiful freshwater beaches. People have been drawn to the shores of Lake Huron for generations to enjoy its miles of sandy beaches and blue waters.
  • Museums & Attractions: Huron County is home to a diversity of unique and interesting museums and attractions. Ranging from some of the finest museums and galleries in Canada – to wonderful windmills, walking bridges, parks and wildlife reserves, a casino, horse track and auto racing facility.
  • Theatres: Huron County is home to four theatres – all offering professional and entertaining theatre. Experience world class, premiere Canadian Theatre in Huron.
  • Marinas: Huron County has many beautifully appointed and well equipped Marinas that feature a wide array of amenities to satisfy even the most seasoned boaters.
  • Parks and Natural Areas: Natural recreation – it’s an easy bet that you’ll find a satisfying outing whether you hike, swim, fish, cross-country ski or cycle. There are more than 30 areas to entice you to get out and get going in Huron County.
  • Heritage and Genealogical: Huron County has a rich and colourful history that is celebrated in its many museums, historic sites, festivals, heritage downtowns, buildings – and through the activities of its residents and visitors.
  • Spas and Wellness: Relax and rejuvenate at one of Huron County’s many spas and wellness centres. Ranging from full service day spas to massage therapy and advanced wellness techniques, our spas have a specialty to suit all your relaxational needs.

For more information to plan your trip to Huron County, visit Ontario’s West Coast.