Municipal Services

Municipal services generally include services such as:

  • Parks, libraries, recreation and tourism
  • Public works such as road maintenance, garbage collection, sewer and water
  • Health and safety including policing, public health, and emergency services

Huron County has an upper tier (county) and lower tier (municipalities) arrangement of government. The upper tier is responsible for land use planning, emergency services, and county road maintenance. The lower tier is responsible for parks and recreation programming, waste and recycling programs, and municipal road maintenance.

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Other Services

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for regarding an agency or organization serving Huron County, we suggest you contact Ontario 2-1-1. Ontario 2-1-1 keeps accurate and up-to-date records on the various agencies serving our community.Ontario 2-1-1 is a free, confidential, province-wide telephone helpline that simplifies finding support and community services for residents.

  • When you dial 2-1-1 from any phone, you reach a real person, 24/7, who is highly trained to listen and help
  • 211 offers multilingual service in 170 languages as well as TTY service at 1.888.435.6086
  • Self serve access is online at
  • 211 connects those in need with agencies who can help someone cope with health issues like cancer or assisting elderly citizens to stay in their own homes
  • 211 helps people find basic needs, such as food, housing, and emergency financial assistance
  • 211 also supports staff and volunteers at agencies who are in need of information about community services for their clients